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Welcome to the Calontir Trim Caravan!

Fabulous Trims at Fantastic Prices await your click of the Mouse.

Metallic Trims are those that have metallic thread such as: gold, copper, or silver.
Non-metallic Trims do not have gold. copper, or silver.

Calontir Trim stocks a wide variety of fabric trims, from simple cotton weaves, to elaborate byzantine borders.

Welcome to Calontir Trim

Welcome to the new Calontir Trim website. Due to a collapse of the previous version of the site, we had to rush to get this one up. We are aware that several of the commands are not working, or have greatly reduced functionality. We hope to have them fully operational in May or June, after our hard-working web wizard finishes her spring semester classes. (Really, she has been fantastic.)

Here are the sub-optimal buttons, and the temporary fix for each of them:

SEARCH: While we envision having a robust search function installed, for now email me through the Contact link with your questions. Of course you can also wile away many hours just browsing…

SWATCHES: Using the Contact link, send me a list of up to 10 Trim ID numbers and your address, and I will mail the swatches as soon as I can get them cut, which will probably be on a weekend. There is no charge for this service.

PROGRESS: For now, you can see my travel schedule at my livejournal site.

LINKS: Yes, many are stale or broken. They are not our top priority. If you wish to be involved in a Link Exchange, use the Contact button.

Note on Stock Status: I know that many of my stock status listings are not currently accurate. I hope to have that addressed by the end of April.

Once I have all of the above tasks completed and tested, I will open a Facebook page associated with the website. I envision it to be a spot where I announce specials and one-of-a kind trims, restocking news, a photo gallery where customers can show pictures of projects done with the trim, and whatever else sounds reasonable and appropriate for such a venue. When that is ready to go, you will see information on the homepage here. .  

-- Steve Boyd