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Welcome to the armor section!

We sell fine metal lamellar plates in both brass and stainless steel.

Currently, armor and trim orders must be kept separate.

Some assembly required.


Lamellar Plate Armor

 Calontir Trim has available lamellar plates suitable for lacing into klibania, the armor of the Byzantine Empire and those within its cultural sphere. It is the armor that kept the Arabs out of Europe for the better part of a thousand years, so it should be good enough for you. The plates are commercially produced, and deburred and polished by tumbling. They are ready to assemble out of the box, but some might prefer to further deburr the lacing holes. I suggest using #550 cord for lacing. Further lacing instructions can be found here.

The plates are available in 18 gauge stainless steel, 20 gauge stainless steel and approximately 22 gauge brass. Details of each type are listed in the following chart:

Plate Type Cost per Plate Thickness Weight of 200 Plates Cost per Plate (Fluted)
Brass 22 Gauge
0.048 in.
13 lbs 8.4 oz
Stainless 20 Gauge
0.035 in.
8 lbs 10 oz
Stainless 18 Gauge
0.048 in.
11 lbs 14.2 oz

What are the fluted plates?
I have a twelve ton hydraulic press with which I can press a standardized flute onto each plate. These flutes will greatly stiffen the individual plates, keeping them from being dented, save with a truly overzealous shot. Fluting adds 15 cents per plate to the cost of the armor. I replaced my fluting dies in April of 2014, and am producing a much crisper flute than previously. I still have some ?old style? fluted plates in 20 gauge Stainless and Brass. If you would like that style in order to match previous armor, please let me know in your order. I cannot get any more 18 gauge stainless ?old style? flutes. See image below.

How many plates do I need?
I am a man 6 foot tall, with a 36 inch waist, 44 inch chest, and ample "shield muscle" about the belly. I used approximately 220 plates in my klibanion, which ends at the hips. It is sleeveless and does not use plates on the shoulders. Each of these options will increase the number you need. I have found a good rule of thumb to be 1 plate per pound of body weight.

Shipping and handling will cost $12.50 for up to 70 pounds. In addition, insurance must be purchased with all orders.

Fee Insurance Coverage
$0.01 to $50
$50.01 to $100
$100.01 to $200
$200.01 to $300
$300.01 to $400
$400.01 to $500
$500.01 to $600
$9.25 plus $1.25 per $100, or fraction thereof, over $600 to $5,000.

Stock on Hand
We are currently fully stocked with all three types of plates.
We are fluting plates to meet pent-up demand, and expect to have 1000 plates of each type fluted by May 1, 2014.

I try to keep enough in stock to meet demand, but if I am out, I generally wait several months before reordering, so that I can travel to the source and save you about 30% due to the expense of shipping. Currently my stock is sufficient to last about a year at the current level of demand.

Armor orders must be kept seperate from trim orders. If you wish to place an order, please use the order form or contact me, Steve Boyd at, in email.