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A big part of the experience of visiting the trim shop first hand is missing out on Andrixos’ horrible jokes.  I'm going to fix that.  Run now while you still can.
  • "The best part about this job is that I can get THIS FAT, and still be called the 'trim guy.'"
  • "Why are our prices so good?" -pokes sagging pavilion roof - "Low overhead!!"
  • ‘Drx measures his trim the traditional neck to fingertip way, but the best time to shop is immediately after he has fought in a bridge battle, having thrown lots of wrap shots. - "That’s when you get the 42 inch yards."
  • When asked for X meters of trim - "I was going to get my arm lengthened for metric, till I heard the price of the surgery. I charge $6.00 a yard. They wanted $10,000 an inch!!"
  • When his shop is in standard disarray - "My father was a physics professor who specialized in chaos theory... I specialize in chaos practice."
  • "No, I am not a trim pusher, but I’ll give you the first yard for free…"
  • "Don’t think of it as trim that got rained on, think of it as prewashed trim."